NGK plugs are NOT the same . A BR8ES is NOT the same as a Rotax part number 897 055 NGK BR8ES The ones you buy from most automotive stores are Screw tips not Solid and they will wear like the pics below. Plus they are gapped at .035 and it hard to adjust down to .018.

If you buy them from ROTAX shop you will get them pre gapped at .018 and will look like THIS The problem with using screw tip NGK plugs

Go HERE to see the differnence in gapsNote the Blackened Alum tips that are showing wear on left side HERE Notice flat side on tip of plug created from Steel wire agasint alum tip . And guess what happens when the arcing starts? BOOM you can blow your resistor CAP ( 5K ohm) Where to get them? I buy all Rotax needs from

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ngk flat sided

n gk br8es alum tip worn