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June 19, 2007

Trip to Tyson Lake

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June trip to Tobermory, Killarney, Tyson Lake Ontario.

Left my Home strip near CYXU London , Ontario and pulled the Gear up. It stayed up until the return trip home 3 days later and nearly 9 flight hours with about 10 water Landings at various points of interest along the way.

Our first stop just Derek and My self was for fuel at Tobermory harbour and to Wait for Gary to land there.
Fuel stop at Tobermory Harbour,  Dave and Derek

Next Stop was Killarney for a fuel stop and get some Beer,Ice and Groceries.

3 Floatplanes at Killarney

Here we are at Tyson Lake

Nothing like pulling up to the dock at your cottage and having just 5 or 6 steps to the saunna - not to mention 120 C inside !!
yah no place for the wimps…… Gary and Derek handled the heat ok. If too hot the lake is a great place to cool down although in Mid june the water was well over 75F — feels the same as our pool at home.

I will write more later………………Dave

June 15, 2007

Connestoga Lake

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Three of us flew in June 9, 2007 Tom was not home.

Tom Mill's Cottage   Connestoga   LAke

September 21, 2006

Dave’s Blog

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I started this a while back but actually forgot about it .

Anyways - Lots of good Kitfox Flying. Check www.cfisher.com link on left — Youtube


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