FRee Hot Water  

utilizing wasted energy

from Home SolarPower , Woodstove or furnace or

Wind power

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Free Hot water

UPDATE - We appear to have cut our Hydro use by 30 to 50$ a month since this heatcoil

I I have often wondered why we have to heat our water 24/7. Well we have a combination wood/oil furnace and there is always been heat go up the chimney so why not capture some heat somehow ?

Well even worse is we pipe water into our homes at 45 to 50 F and our water heaters heat it to approx 135 F 24 hours a day using alot of energy to do this . We never use straight hot water to wash with as it would be too hot. Our dishwasher uses hot water at this temp and our clothes washer uses water at various temps depending on the setting used. Bottom line is you heat more water than is needed and for longer period than it is used as well as at a temperature that is for the most part more than you need.

Solution ? A tankless water heater? Sure but they draw alot of current and not all homes have the electrical capactiy to accomadate this.

Why not use a extra tank in your system before the water heater? That way the 45 F water now preheats to 70 F so that you use less energy to heat water from 70 to 135F rather than from 45 F ? I call this a tempering tank and is simple.

What I did was put a copper loop or coil shown on right here on top of heat exchanger in the hot air plenum of our Newmac wood/oil furnace. We have done the same at our Sauna as well .



Update Dec 2008 Free Hot water Increased Capacity.

With the original mounting for convienience I had the tank sitting upright in a vertical postion. But when using thermo- siphon only you will never get more than the top 1/3 of the tank heated with Free Hot water as the heat coil in the furnace is mounted 2/3s of the way up the height of the tank. I finally got around to re-positioning the tank in a horizontal position and mounting it to the ceiling by making up some brackets from heavy steel and bolting them to the floor joists.

Now the entire tank is ABOVE the heat coil and we get a full tank of Free Hot water now. I will not know for a few monthos hydro to see additional savings but I can tell you that we have llikely doubled to tripled our Free Hot water from our Wood furnace.

Next Projects to get Free Energy and more Free Hot water

Free Hot water from sun SOLAR and making Home Solar power

I have looked around and found this solar heater project but have not tried it yet.

I plan to build a Solar Water Heater this spring to get more free Hot Water


I plan to build a solar power generator at home this year. We will generate not hydro but hot water. I will need to build a solar power panel or panels to collect the solar energy .

Wind power


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FRee Hot Water

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