FRee Hot Water  

utilizing wasted energy

from Solar, Woodstove or furnace

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Sauna - Tyson Lake Ontario. our Eco resort.

Well, I built this sauna and made a hot water heater out of copper pipe and put it in the firebox. I plumbed it to a old wringer washer tank and have endless supply of Free Hot Water Our Sauna will heat to over 100C easily - We have seen temps of over 140 C

YES CELCIUS 140 Degree.............. that is over 300 F -- On softwood alone - hemlock - We have tons of it becasue it is very readily available.

. Sauna Wood fired

Free Hot water at Home

UPDATE - We appear to have cut our Hydro use by 30 to 50$ a month since this heatcoil




Build your own solar water heater
and Wind power is our next project

I found this solar heater project but have not got that far yet.

I plan to build a Solar Water Heater sometime to get more free wasted energy . I love free hot water.

I hope to make home solar panels this year to collect free hot water for our home. I might even make a solar collector for heating our pool if all goes well.


Sauna Firebox

Sauna firebox


Plumbing for Hot Water

sauna free hot water plumbing