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Kitfox Cowl Mods to Lower Radiator temps

After reading and seeing many Kitfox 582 owners struggle with High water temps and lowering radiator further into the airstream and causing more drag I decided to try to correct mine. I swapped out props with a buddy so he could try my GSC 3 blade 68" and I took his IVO medium 2 blade 72 " . It worked fine after tweaking the prop a bit but what I did notice was the water temps seemed to be running hotter with this prop.

So I really never liked the Kitfox cowl how it dumped the hot air from cowl out the bottom air outlet and right onto the radiator.  I cut the scoop off and turned it upside down and glassed it back on. Pretty it is not , but functional yet so far. I had too much fun flying to get to finishing it yet :) We use to have a saying in the drag racing days back in the 70s " if it don't go => CHROME IT " Well mine works well and I try to keep the colours consistant somewhat <chuckle>

Now i had to still  get the air out of the cowl so I took a  2 litre pop bottle for a mould and cut it in half and taped it to the bottom of cowl and put over it 2 layers of glass.  Then I cut openings larger in the existing cowl.  I dropped 10 F +  right away.    But looking at the front I still figured that some air  was caught in the boundry layer and might be missing the rad all together so i put on  8 vgs and temps dropped  10F again. 

 Basically I had not had any heating issues other than 180F cruise   @  70F  or  80F   but on climbout I would see 190s  when i had on the IVO medium on wheels before the mods.

On climbout now  at  90F  I never see over 180F on climb out and cruise   160 to 175F average  at  88mph   on King fox wheels

I flew last 100 hours on amphibs with the mod and seemed OK........  Just got a layer of bondo on it and I might finish it one day,  heck I might even paint the mod  :)

I have also pondered the idea of using a shutter on the radiator but have never got to it yet. It would hopefully hold the rad temps higher during long decents . I find that according to my Watertemp gauge that 160 to 180F cruise I have no issues I have seem temps 190F to 200F on occasion and have never had any engine issues. I am on my third 582 now and approaching 300 hours on it since a new install in 2006. I have seen more cold seizure issues from too much cooling and adding full throttle to a cold engine than I have on engines that run at 180F So i can only assume that what I am doing is working for me well.

Kitfox VG test report --soon to come

II have a few rad scoops available it anyone wants one .Also King fox tires , Kevin fom MIPPI brought me a stack of his last inventory of the 21" tires and I have them in stock now. CONTACT ME

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