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Making a Heat muff for a 582 Kitfox and Carb Heat.

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Ok here is the basics a shield around the muffler about 14 " x 9 " which will take it about half way around the backside of muffler. It is 2024 thatd I sued but 6061 would be easier to work with but whatever came first I used. I welded on steel brackets on muffler to to be able to rivet on the Alum heat muff with 1/8" avex rivets . Use Alum rivets as they are easier to drill out .

Opening is full width at the top only, I have the bottom closed in. With the bottom open you get too much air and it was hard to get warm air into cabin.

I have a door spring about 16 to 18" strung across the muffler and this is used to retain the Stainless steel "pot scrubbers" I used only 3 pot scrubbers and I stuffed them in from the front against the door spring.

I have 2 Scat tubes, I think 1 1/2 " on the back of heat muff that goes directly into cabin. Nothing fancy , no shut offs, cables etc just straight in. I remove them in the spring. The third hole that you see is for the carb heat which I hade a box that attaches to that with a butterfly in to be able to control the carb heat as required.

Here is how mine worked .
Went out for flight a while ago this AM .
OAT -13 C (9F )
Cabin temp flying 10 to 12 C ( 50 to 54 F )
So basically Heating give me approx a boost in cabin temps about 40 to 45F
increase on a overcast day and not bone chilling but still well below

Rotax Heat Muff Kitfox

Kitfox Heat Muff Rotax 582



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